Why should I replace my windows?

Why should I replace my windows?

Imagine a world of freedom where you don’t have to install plastic over your drafty windows every fall. Or you don’t need to worry about water leaking through the gaps around those old windows. Or you won’t have problems trying to open and clean those casement or double hung windows. Or you can actually—-gasp!—see out your old windows instead of a green tint. That’s the reality of new windows. When you start noticing the fatal signals of deteriorating windows and window framing, it’s time to research and enjoy the benefits of new windows:

• Lower utility bills. New windows increase your home’s efficiency, reducing utility bills and increasing your savings. An initial investment in quality windows creates long-term savings.

• Increased comfort. Say good-bye to drafty windows. Enjoy the warmth of new windows in the winter, and the coolness in the summer. Properly-installed windows are tightly sealed, keeping the wind out in the winter and providing ventilation in the summer with open windows.

• Reduced noise. If you live on a busy street, or just want to reduce your noise, look into windows with noise reduction technology. They can block even the loudest noise, leaving your home quiet and comfortable.

• Increased light, reduced fading. Some models of newer windows have a coating on them, allowing the sunlight to come in and reflecting the UV rays that cause shading. The result? Less discoloration of your belongings as the years go by.

When you make the decision to replace those old, drafty windows, start by contacting your contractor and asking questions. Do you need noise reduction? Would you prefer casement or double hung? Your contractor can recommend a quality window with a good track record, and provide an estimate. Remember, homeowners get the full benefits of new windows with a quality window. This is one area of your home where you don’t want to choose the cheapest option, unless you want to invest in new windows again and again.

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