April 2019

Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

laundry room cabinets ideas

These are new laundry room cabinets we installed in Oshkosh.  This wall only had one open shelf before and was too high for larger items.  The homeowner is very happy now that she can reach laundry supplies easier and that everything is hidden and cleaner looking.

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Store Display Fixtures

store display fixtures

Not all of our projects are big and complicated, some are smaller, rainy day spend some time in the shop projects! Our friend Kelly at Soul Patina needed some supports to hold up doors for her displays.  A couple hours of shop time and some odds and ends leftover material and Kelly is all set

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Garage Storage Ideas

garage and basement storage ideas

Need more storage space in your garage or basement? We can help! All of our shelving units are custom made and shelves are spaced depending on your needs. Close for paint cans, further apart for plastic totes, far apart for big, bulky items. Give us a call, we can have them installed in time for

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