10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

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Not everyone has a closet or another room to build into during a bathroom remodel. Even if your bathroom is the size of a closet, these small bathroom renovation ideas can make the small space seem larger—and more impressive. 

Err toward lighter paint colors.

While dark colors add drama to a space, light colors create a bright and airy feel. That feel makes a small space look bigger. If you’re a homeowner who thinks white walls look stark, choose a neutral or light color—and add it to the wall and ceiling for the complete effect.

Choose the same color of tiles and paint.

The light, bright, and continuous color effect doesn’t stop with paint colors. When choosing shower tile (and tile for an accent wall) during a small bathroom renovation, select tiles that are similar to the paint color. If you want to add a pop to the continuous color, choose a second, attention-grabbing tile that serve as a feature strip in the shower.

Coordinate décor items.

The color coordination doesn’t stop at paint and tiles. When picking finishes during a bathroom remodel, be selective about every item. Shelves can hold bright accent items, but the actual shelving should be a muted tone that fits with the paint and tile. For a one-of-a-kind look, hire a contractor that can provide custom shelving for the space. 

Keep it simple.

The saying, “less is more” definitely applies to a small bathroom. When choosing items for the space and planning a bathroom layout, keep the accessories to a minimum to make the room appear larger and clutter-free.

Use a large mirror for reflection.

If you want your small bathroom to look like it lasts forever, use a mirror to reflect light. Even in a bathroom without windows, a mirror can amplify the light from a fixture and make bathroom seem larger.

Consider clear glass shower doors.

Items that extend into a small bathroom can also make a bathroom appear smaller, including a frosted or dark shower door. Clear glass shower doors provide the perfect shower enclosure while still making a bathroom feel light, bright, and airy.

Select a creatively-shaped shower.

Planning a bathroom layout can feel really complicated when your bathroom is small, especially when trying to create a full, functional bathroom. When space is tight, it’s time to consider a pedestal sink or a creatively-shaped shower that adds function and style to a bathroom. (An experienced bathroom remodel contractor can recommend other small bathroom renovation ideas as well.) 

Make closets look like part of the space.

Storage is a necessity in any bathroom, even in spaces with a small footprint. When considering your options for bathroom storage, choose built-in options that don’t block off space (especially with walls). Instead, opt for floating vanities or pieces of furniture that add storage without taking up much space.

Use lighting to brighten the space.

Nothing can make a small bathroom feel light and airy than the right light fixture (or fixtures). If there is a shower or tub in the room, it can be a space-saver to find a bathroom fan and light. If space is tight, an experienced contractor can recommend can lights that are installed in the ceiling and won’t compromise the ceiling height.

Think floor-to-ceiling.

One of the best small bathroom renovation ideas is to think vertically. Though floor space may be limited, there are numerous opportunities for vertical items: cabinets, shelves, and other storage solutions. 

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