5 Signs Your Windows Have Got to Go

5 Signs Your Windows Have Got to Go

Do you have to add plastic over your windows every winter? Can you feel the wind blowing through your windows? It’s hard to know exactly when to replace your windows, or which windows need to go first. But there are some very telling signs that every homeowner should see as a very clear signal that these windows have got to go:

• When your window seal breaks. Is there mold growing between the panes of your window? If there is, the efficiency of your window is compromised. It’s time to replace that window.

• You can feel your money blowing out the window. Before your front the bill for a new window, have a contractor check to see if it just needs to be caulked. If the problem is more than that, or if you want lower utility bills, contact a contractor for information and a quote on replacement windows. Drafty windows are inefficient and expensive, costing you additional money for heating and cooling your home. A simple way to test for draftiness is to hold a flame in front of the window. If the flame flickers, it’s time to replace that window.

• Water is leaking into your home. Act fast—you don’t want more water damage or to pay for fixing more water damage!

• Two horrible words: wood rot. If the wood is rotting around your window, call a contractor. They can replace the framing and the wood.

• You can’t open your windows. When you can’t let in that cool Wisconsin breeze, you know that those old windows have seen their last functional day.

If you have any questions about the quality of your windows, contact us. We can come to your home, caulk any leaks, check your windows and give you an estimate on the cost of new windows. You can replace one window at a time or every window in your home. Replacing your windows is a big decision, but a choice that yields more comfort, lower utility costs in the long run and the security of knowing that the rain and snow is going to stay outside.

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