7 Money-Saving Tips that Trim the Cost of Your Master Bathroom Remodel

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The average master bathroom remodel costs about $10,000, though a large luxurious bathroom can cost more than $50,000. If your budget isn’t at the top end of each of these figures, use these tips to get a “masterful” bathroom while still staying in budget.

Don’t move plumbing.

Moving a tub, sink, toilet or show comes with a big price tag that can push a remodeling price tag over the top (especially in a basement or over a concrete slab). When your budget is tight, try to minimize major plumbing changes and work within the existing layout. If you need suggestions, ask your contractor for recommendations on ways to improve the master bathroom without moving the plumbing.

Avoid splurges on countertops.

It’s common for homeowners to put expensive stone countertops in a master bathroom, but that doesn’t mean the upgrade is budget-friendly. Instead, look for standard countertops that achieve the same look without the hefty price tag. 

Look for tile discounts.

Tile can make a master bathroom look great, but those trendy tiles also take up a significant portion of the remodeling budget. When looking for ways to trim your master bathroom remodel costs, look for discounts on tile. In-stock tiles and tile specials can be a homeowner’s best friend, especially when you want the upscale look of tile without the upscale price tag.

Strategically use expensive tile.

If your heart is set on a very expensive tile, don’t worry. It may still be possible to include that tile into the design, especially in smaller quantities. When planning the space, talk to your contractor about using the tile for mosaic stripes, in boxes in the shower, or in an eye-catching feature wall. To keep the budget low, the expensive tile can be accented with less-expensive options, such as subway or inexpensive porcelain tiles.

Consider wainscoting or paint.

When tile specials aren’t enough to fit within your budget, consider using paint or wainscoting in lieu of tile. Both options can make a master bathroom look over-the-top while minimizing the amount of materials and labor.

Repurpose a vanity.

A vanity is a huge part of upgrading a master bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be a huge master bathroom remodel cost. Instead of purchasing an expensive vanity, look for a less-expensive piece of furniture that can be repurposed for your master bathroom. When searching for the furniture, you should look for a vanity that is the right size for the space, has adequate storage, and has enough room for the sink bowl and plumbing. If there is not enough room below, the bowl can be placed on top of the vanity for a stylish touch.

Look for inexpensive hardware.

Though cabinet hardware may be a small part of the design, it can play a big role in making a master bathroom look modern or outdated. When looking to keep the master bathroom remodel costs low, look for inexpensive hardware that coordinates with other parts of the design without draining the budget. As another added bonus, inexpensive hardware may free up funds for more high-impact items, like the faucet or tile of your dreams.

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