5 Stylish Vanity Ideas for a Bathroom

vanity ideas for bathroom

The amount of vanity ideas for a bathroom are endless! Today’s bathroom vanities are bold, traditional, and as large or small as the space demands. Of course, the amount of vanity ideas for a bathroom can also be overwhelming. We compiled a list of bathroom vanity ideas and tips to choose the right vanity for your new bathroom.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

The right bathroom vanity is just one of many decisions you should make when planning a bathroom remodel, such as choosing a contractor and setting a layout. Once you’ve made those two big decisions, it’s time to find the right-sized vanity that meets all your needs. These questions can help you set the criteria for the right bathroom vaniy.  

  • What size bathroom vanity do I need? (Pro tip: don’t purchase a vanity until you’ve asked your contractor for exact dimensions.)
  • How many sinks do we need? How many people use the bathroom vanity?
  • Do we need more storage in the bathroom? Are there any other functions we need in the vanity (such as a laundry chute)?
  • What is the style of other items in the bathroom? What style bathroom vanity would fit with the décor (i.e. modern, traditional, rustic, etc.)?
  • Where is the plumbing? What style sink do we need? (Pro tip: if your budget is tight, don’t move the plumbing to keep the costs low.) 

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Feature piece

If you want a bathroom vanity that makes a statement, a bold bathroom vanity might be the right choice. These bathroom vanities are a feature piece, standing out from the bathroom because of its bold style or color. 

Open storage space

A bathroom vanity with an open style is a new trend, especially in a modern bathroom. Of course, a bathroom vanity with open storage system can also be a stylish way to store linens and add a pop of color to a neutral bathroom.


For homeowners who want a vanity that serves as a make-up table, a chair level vanity can provide the perfect surface for preparing for a big day. A chair-level vanity can also be the answer in a bathroom where the homeowner has mobility issues.

Converted Furniture

A converted piece of furniture is a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity that adds style to a space. When choosing a piece of furniture for the vanity, always discuss the item with your contractor to ensure it fits with the space and existing plumbing.


Most people think of a backsplash as a kitchen addition, however a backsplash can be a stylish way to make a statement in a bathroom. Tile can be used to add color to a bathroom or make it unique and stylish.

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