10 Signs You Need a New Kitchen

10 Signs You Need a New Kitchen

We all love the vintage character of our kitchens, but at some point every homeowner needs to admit that the vintage kitchen is falling apart. The good news is that kitchens are one of the top projects that add value to your home. Often, replacing a few surfaces in the kitchen can give your kitchen an updated look, but there are a few signs that scream a full kitchen remodel is in order. Here are 10 signs that you need a new kitchen:

* When the cabinets won’t close&helip;or open.

* When a 2×2 board is holding up your cabinets.

* The rags holding in the leak aren’t doing the job any more, and you start designing an ark.

* When there is ice on your walls and not just in your freezer.

* You try to open a drawer, and the hardware falls off.

* You try to put the hardware back on and the drawer falls apart.

* Your countertop is wavier than the ocean.

* There are holes in your wall and/or floor (really, either is a bad sign).

* You realize that the spark has gone out of your cooking and into your electrical.

* When you are afraid to invite your family over for the holidays because of the flack you’ll take for your dysfunctional kitchen.

When you start to notice one, or several, of these signs, contact a contractor about remodeling your kitchen. The contractor can give you ideas for your countertop and cabinet options, a free quote, timeline for your project and discuss any issues you have with your existing layout, plumbing and electrical. Once you approve, it’s time to say goodbye to those old, crumbling, vintage cabinets and leaks, and hello to a new, beautiful and functional kitchen you’ll be proud to invite the family over to cook a Thanksgiving feast in.

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