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Window Replacement Basics

How to decide if you need replacement windows.

As your home and windows age through the changing Wisconsin seasons, their weather-proofing and energy-saving qualities diminish so even though your windows open, they don’t necessarily help the life of your home or your energy bill. New windows are more efficiently designed so they keep the cold winter air or the humid summer heat out of your home so you can run your heat or air conditioning less, which means more money in your pocket.

Today’s windows require virtually no maintenance: No painting required! The sealed thermo-pane glass is surrounded by an aluminum or vinyl frame, which is put into place with an expanding foam and caulk; both of which allow for weather and sound proofing in your home. Homeowners who experience their new windows find a much more quiet home and their energy bill is much lower.

However, If you have an older home and want to keep that old-world charm of your wood windows but updated to today’s energy standards, we can help. During the free estimate window consultation, you’ll learn exactly what can be done to keep your classic wood windows and that old-world charm.
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Why should I replace my windows?

Imagine a world of freedom where you don’t have to install plastic over your drafty windows every fall. Or you don’t need to worry about water leaking through the gaps around those old windows. Or you won’t have problems trying to open and clean those casement or double hung windows. Or you can actually—-gasp!—see out your old windows instead of a green tint. That’s the reality of new windows. When you start noticing the fatal signals of deteriorating windows and window framing, it’s time to research and enjoy the benefits of new windows.


There are three different kinds of window materials to choose from: wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Vinyl, wood, and fiberglass are the three most common window materials, and all three are energy efficient.


In most cases, your contractor won’t be able to reuse your existing window trim. Talk to your contractor about your choices: can you install trim that matches the color? Is there a way to duplicate your existing trim?


If you love everything about your existing windows, this consideration is going to be incredibly easy; just replace your windows with the same size and type. A different type of window may be the answer to your problem, and you can enjoy all the benefits of replacement windows.

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