Why now’s the right time to replace your door

Why now’s the right time to replace your door

On the coldest day of our recent Midwest winter, when the wind chill was dropping to a temperature that was considered dangerous, the Facebook post said, “Time to replace our back door!”

Yikes! Are they nuts?

Nuts, yes. Alone, no. Many of us endured the draft from our exterior door this winter and recognize that it’s time for replacement. With the Wisconsin temperatures increasing, now is the time to call Conger Construction and order a new door that will keep the cool in during the summer and the heat in during winter.

You can enjoy the comfort of a new, more energy-efficient door and a heavier wallet too. During many tax years, a new door can be deducted on your taxes as an energy-saving investment. In the short-term, a new door means lower energy bills each month.

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