This Spring, Consider A Storm Door

This Spring, Consider A Storm Door

This spring, consider adding ordering a storm door to your to do list. Storm doors have three key benefits: 1) increasing the air flow of your home in spring and summer 2) reducing the effects of the weather on your home and 3) lowering the amount of heat loss seeping through your exterior door when the temperatures drop.

If your doors are exposed to the outside weather, and you have an older, good quality door, a storm door makes sense. Storm doors add another layer of protection to your door, and can increase the life of the door. If you have a newer, high quality exterior door, you may want to do your research. New doors often achieve peak high efficiency, making a storm door not cost effective in the long run.

There’s one more factor to consider: sunlight. If your door is exposed to direct sunlight for more than a few hours a day, adding a storm door can cause heat to build up and damage your exterior door. However, there are storm doors with vents that allow the heat to escape.

In the end, it’s a decision that you need to make dependent upon your home. If you install a storm door, will you use the air conditioning less because your home’s ventilation will improve? Are your exterior doors directly exposed to the wind and weather? Do you need the storm door as an extra layer of security? Are you losing heat through your door during the cold winter weather?

Once you’ve made the decision to call Conger Construction for new storm door, there’s more to consider: your options. Choose the door that works best for your home, and make sure you keep the receipt. During some tax years, storm doors are tax deductible.

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