Is your money blowing out the window?

Is your money blowing out the window?

Unless you’re a meteorologist, the term “polar vortex” was probably not on your radar until this winter. We battled through the severe cold with extra layers, blankets, scarves and hats.

But many of us never consider how our home fairs during these sub-zero temperatures—until our energy bills arrive and we realize our money is seeping out of our old, low quality windows.

Some window problems are obvious, such as a broken seal, causing the window to “fog” up or ice to form on the bottom. Other problems are more subtle as you feel the cold draft around the window. One friend once told me her windows were so bad, she could see the plastic sheeting on her windows move as the wind hit the house.

Whatever your window problem, it’s worth the investment. Replacing old windows can reduce household energy bills by as much as 15 percent. The cost of the windows may also be claimed as a tax deduction, and certain utilities offer incentives to homeowners purchasing energy-efficient windows. In the long run, your home is warmer and your wallet thicker as you enjoy the benefits of your new windows.

You can start the process of replacing your windows by contacting a contractor. Contractors can give you more information about the types of windows available and can give an estimate based on the sizes and amount of windows that need to be replaced. Replacing your windows is a big decision, but an investment that pays dividends in comfort and in your savings account.

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