The Moores: “We are really happy with our new windows!”

The Moores: “We are really happy with our new windows!”

“The old windows in our house were so bad. They were original to the house and parts of the wood were starting to deteriorate. We had to leave a 2×4 in our daughter’s room to keep the top sash from falling down,” says Jackie Moore. “Most of the time we just left the windows closed.”

That was the beginning of the end for the Moores’ window, and the reason they decided to start researching new windows for their kids’ bedrooms. They contacted Larry Conger, and the path to new windows (and no more 2×4’s!) began with a call for an estimate.

“I like that the guys didn’t use strong arm sales tactics. There was no pressure,” Jackie says.

That was just the start of her family’s positive experience with Conger Construction and getting new windows.

“The guys put canvas on the carpet so they didn’t track any dirt through the house. They were so mindful of keeping the area clean,” Jackie says. “They got the job done in a morning, and everything was clean when we got home.”

But cleaning was only part of what reassured the Moores that they made the right decision using Conger Construction.

“Larry matched the new trim around the new windows pretty good,” Jackie says. “That was one area of this whole process that I was very nervous about but he did great. I know it’s new because we know they’re new windows, but no one else would be able to tell the difference!”

In addition to the aesthetics and cleanliness of the window installation, the Moores are very happy with their new Pella windows.

“There are four new windows. They are vinyl, and we are really happy with the quality,” Jackie says. “No more 2×4’s needed!”

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