3 Tips for a Beautiful (and Smooth!) Bathroom Remodel

3 Tips for a Beautiful (and Smooth!) Bathroom Remodel

One of our recent projects was a complete bathroom remodel. The homeowner wanted a complete remodel from top-to-bottom—we even removed a chimney to add more space. The result was beautiful and functional. If you’ve always dreamed about giving your bathroom a facelift like our recent client, here’s how to get from your current bathroom to a beautiful bathroom remodel.

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Set a budget.

The sky is the limit when it comes to bathroom remodels. You can spend as much—or as little—as you want to invest in your bathroom. Try to have an idea before you start your project so the final number fits with your original projections. If you want a firm number, contact a contractor for a free estimate.

Be open to suggestions.

Not every part of your new bathroom remodel has to be set in stone. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor for suggestions. After all, an experienced contractor can make recommendations for your project that you may not have thought of. They can also suggest products that give you exactly what you want without the heavy price tag.

Choose a good contractor.

This tip sounds obvious but your project is going to go a lot smoother if you choose the right contractor for the job. Look for a contractor with experience and attention to detail (both for the work and cleanliness); you’ll be glad you did when you’re enjoying your new bathroom.

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