3 ‘Other’ Things to Consider Before You Buy New Windows

3 ‘Other’ Things to Consider Before You Buy New Windows

When your window seal breaks or you’re freezing from drafty windows, it’s easy to get so focused on “I need new windows” that it’s easy to overlook the other considerations that come with new windows. But when you need to find out the cost of your new windows, there are few factors to decide when you ask for a free estimate from your contractor.


There are three different kinds of window materials to choose from: wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Vinyl, wood, and fiberglass are the three most common window materials, and all three are energy efficient. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free, but many don’t like the look of a vinyl window. Wood windows are beautiful, but do require maintenance to keep the wood looking great throughout the life of the window. Fiberglass windows are more expensive, but also are incredibly durable.
As far as price, generally wood and fiberglass windows tend to be the most expensive options. To get a better idea of what kind of window material fits your home and your budget,

ask your contractor when they come to measure your windows.


In most cases, your contractor won’t be able to reuse your existing window trim. Talk to your contractor about your choices: can you install trim that matches the color? Is there a way to duplicate your existing trim?
One of our clients had this concern; they had added onto their home previously and had gone to great lengths to make sure the trim in their addition matched the trim of their existing home. They didn’t want new windows with a different color or style different from the other trim, and contacted us for a solution (which we did!). If you are concerned about finding a color or style of trim that matches the trim in your home,

contact a contractor that can match the color and style.


If you love everything about your existing windows, this consideration is going to be incredibly easy; just replace your windows with the same size and type. But if you have any concerns about the size of your existing windows, now is the time to voice your concern to your contractor. Ask your contractor for recommendations for solutions to your problem, such as an awning window, bay window, or any other kind of window they’ve seen work. A different type of window or size of window may be the answer to your problem—and you can enjoy all the benefits of replacement windows.

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