Projects to Tackle When the Mercury Drops

Projects to Tackle When the Mercury Drops

The cold temperatures and periodic snow makes it official: winter has come to Wisconsin. Time to get those home improvement projects done. Though we typically think of summer as the season for home improvement projects, winter is a season with less family commitments and outdoor recreation opportunities, making winter the time to hire a contractor to get a few, important efficiency and organization home improvement projects done:

1.Storage solutions. Need a place to put all those holiday decorations away? Hire a contractor to build heavy duty shelves that can handle all those boxes and containers. If you undertake your organization project during the winter, you’ll have more time to enjoy when the weather is warm in summer.

2.Finishing your basement. Wisconsin winters can be fierce. While it can be fun to play in the snow, a finished basement can give you months of fun when the mercury drops below zero. While the urge to finish the basement on your own can be strong, a contractor can finish the project quickly and efficiently–while you can still enjoy it this winter.

3.New countertops. One of the cheapest ways to update a kitchen is to replace your countertops. If you’re not sure of the kind that works best for you, check out our article about the different kinds of countertops.

4.Exterior doors. We thought our friend was crazy when she had her door placed on a sub-zero January day. But the result, less drafts from a stronger, more efficient door, began immediately after the door was installed. With the cold weather, its best to hire a contractor so you can minimize exposure to the cold, and enjoy your new door sooner.

5.New windows. Yes, we can hear what you’re saying: “Why would I want to do that now?” The truth is that these energy-saving improvements can save you money throughout the winter. A day of inconvenience while replacing windows can lower your utility bills for the season and years to come.

Don’t wait for winter to be over. Contact a contractor who can do a quality job quickly so you can enjoy your home improvement projects while the snow still flies.

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