Powder Rooms with Pizzazz: 9 Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

Bathroom remodeling

It’s Springtime once again and that means it’s time to start thinking about changing out some of the colors in your home. And the bathroom is a great place to start. Not only is it the smallest of all your rooms and therefore easiest to update, but also the most commonly used and seen which is why you want it looking great.

So, what color will you choose?

Bathroom paint colors trend in the decorating world every few years. This year, there are some very special hues at the forefront of designers’ tastes.

Whether you’re preparing for a bathroom remodel or simply adding some pizzaz to your powder room, we’ve got the ticket for you. In this article, we’re naming some of the most popular bathroom colors for this year. Keep reading to learn more.

9 Popular Bathroom Paint Colors for 2019

Bathrooms are fun to create themes with. Many people implement a nautical or beach theme to the bathroom for the colors. Some others like rustic designs.

Depending on the rooms that are attached to your bathroom may also determine the best bathroom paint colors. Your laundry room, for example, may not have much of a theme. But, maybe it should; and so it flows right into your bathroom.

No matter what design layout you have, these colors will stand out in your bathroom and beyond.

Jamaican Aqua – Benjamin Moore

This Caribbean inspired blue hue from Benjamin Moore is as cool and calming as the breeze. There is a slight hint of turquoise hidden within if you decorate with green accents and warm, neutral cabinetry. You can also try fresh white to make everything pop.

Summer Dragonfly – Behr

If you do prefer to stick with a beachy theme, Summer Dragonfly from Behr at Home Depot is a surefire hit. It’s vibrant and cheerful with a touch of class that can’t be beaten because it can stand up to accent colors well. It also stands out on its own.

Use this color with dark wood for a sophisticated appeal. Creamy whites and coral accents will give it a crisp and clean look.

Snow on the Mountain – Benjamin Moore

If you don’t plan to paint again any time soon, try Snow on the Mountain by Benjamin Moore. This off-white is relaxing and will pair well with any white color scheme. Not to mention that you can highlight it with colorful and bright accents and it won’t take over.

Reflection – Sherwin Williams

When you go to the Sherwin Williams counter, be sure to ask about Reflection. It’s a zen-inspired gray with a barely visible hint of green.

This color will fit well in a well-lit bathroom with lots of tiles. Because it has such a cool hue, both temporally and metaphysically, you can use it with just about any style decor. Again, however, it’s another great color for the beach theme.

Blue Nose – Benjamin Moore

For a color that will pair well with just about anything you can come up with, you must try Blue Nose from Benjamin Moore. Not only is it sophisticated but also rustic, beachy but also dramatically home.

Try it against white trim and tile or dark floors and gray towels.

Bungalow Beige – Sherwin Williams

For a neutral tone that looks classic, ask about Bungalow Beige. This color pairs well with silver fixtures and green or blue towels. Use wooden accents to really bring this color to life.

Homeowners and designers are also choosing this color for bedrooms and living rooms. It will pair well in a bathroom as an accent color if you use it this way.

Hawthorne Yellow – Benjamin Moore

For a more traditional look, Hawthorne Yellow out of the Historical Collection from Benjamin Moore is a win. It’s not too saturated or bright or dull. Frankly, it may be the best yellow for a bathroom that there is.

Pair it with charcoal accents and dark towels. And, don’t worry, it will look great against your white tile and marble surfaces.

Hale Navy – Benjamin Moore

For an even darker hue of blue without getting too bold, consider Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore. This color is just dark enough to be shocking at first, but it will grow on you with time and you’ll realize you can’t live without it.

It pairs well with white cabinetry and tiles for a clean and fresh look. Also, incorporate metals like brass or copper for a mature feel.

Passive – Sherwin Williams

If you’re simply too afraid to try something other than white, one of the best bathroom colors is Passive by Sherwin Williams. It’s just gray enough not to be white but still white enough that you won’t feel like you stepped out of your comfort zone. It’s warm and sophisticated with a subtle accent of classical.

Pair it with pure whites and blues for a clean and tidy feel.

Bathroom Paint Ideas

You don’t have to paint your bathroom all one color. Browse through the paint catalogs at the paint counter to get some bathroom color ideas like blocking, lines, and other designs that you can incorporate with paint alone. Stenciling is especially popular in bathrooms because it’s an easy way to add accent to a seemingly drab room.

You can also browse online for color schemes that fit your taste and run with it!

Final Thoughts

No matter what your style is, these bathroom paint colors and ideas should be enough to get you started. Follow the color palates once you get to the store so you don’t get overwhelmed.

If you’re still unsure about a color, ask the paint clerk if you can buy a small sample. Buy a few if you’re really having a hard time. Bring them home and apply each separately to your wall, allow to dry, and make your determination based on your favorite.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. We can also provide you with an estimate if you’re considering a bathroom remodel.

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