Your Relaxation Retreat: 7 Luxurious Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel in Fond Du Lac

bathroom remodeling fond du lac

Thinking of a bathroom remodel in Fond Du Lac?

Did you know that bathroom remodeling is the second most common remodeling job? 80% of remodeled homes include work done in the bathroom. Kitchens won the top spot with 81% of remodeled homes including kitchen work.

What does that mean for you?

You’re about to make a huge impact. You see, people remodel their homes for two reasons: to make their lives easier and to make an impression. To get the most for their money, they pick rooms that’ll make the biggest splash.

Kitchens and bathrooms are at the top of the list. Since you’ve already chosen which room to remodel, the only question is what type of theme will you use?

The sections below detail 7 of the most luxurious bathroom ideas for your next home remodel. When you’re ready to streamline your life and astound your friends, read on.

His and Hers

Step one in your remodel, or in any remodel for that matter, is to assess your present room.

What’s working for you? What isn’t? How do you use it from day to day? Are there any elements you’d like to add or subtract from the space?

If you’re feeling cramped because of your partner, then a his-and-hers bathroom might be just what you need. These types of luxury bathrooms are built with couples in mind. Think more room and separate sinks.

The layout is built for two people to use it comfortably at the same time. The ventilation keeps the mirror from fogging up, and you can hide a toilet behind a door if you want extra privacy.

We recommend a solid, one-piece countertop and curtain-free shower and tub for easy cleaning.

Country Style

If you’re like us and grew up in rural America, a country style bathroom might be just what you need. Think hard use and less formal. They’re built for heavy traffic and plenty of wooden fixtures.

The wooden countertops are made from a single slab of locally purchased lumber. The organic shape of the wood is further delineated by bark on its outer edge.

The room comes with shelves rather than cabinets, so your accouterments are on display. That includes towels, soaps, and other common items. This makes for a little more upkeep but less actual cleaning.

If you want to keep items out of the public eye, use a mirror cabinet. Otherwise, keep them in a small bin under the sink.

Inside Out

An inside out bathroom always has a broad window or large opening to the outside world. This window always has a view of nature. The type of view depends on the location of your home.

The view is always in front of a large porcelain tub. That way, you can relax and feel connected to the world beyond. Surround the area with potted plants of local varieties to complete the picture.

Such high-end bathrooms also include large heat lights in the ceiling. Large windows dramatically reduce the heat in any given room during the winter. The only way to combat the problem in this type of bathroom is with heat lights.

At Home Spa

When was the last time you headed to the spa? Why not create your own at home? Then you can go anytime you like.

The centerpiece of this type of bathroom is the spa tub. It’s big enough to fall asleep in and can fit two. The lip of the tub fits your favorite thick stemmed wine glass, and the corner holds a plush folded towel.

The room also comes with a dual head shower, large hooks to hang robes from, and a grand mirror to cover the wall.

Oh, and don’t forget the ice bucket! You’ve got to prepare for those days that only champagne will do.

Go Wood

These bathrooms are modeled after vintage sailing vessels, like the schooners and windjammers of Maine. They’re perfect for small or narrow bathrooms.

The long, slender shower stall is lined with wooden panels. The wood contains a laminate making it impervious to water, as does the wooden shower floor.

The bathroom itself is also covered in wood. Pine covers the walls, and dark cherry or walnut accents the wooden sinks and towel racks.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for a porcelain toilet. No companies make wooden toilets. And, well…wouldn’t a wooden toilet just be overkill?

Hide It

One of the most popular modern ideas for bathrooms falls in line with the minimalist design. The plan says that less is more. What do we mean by that?

Less cabinets. Less clutter. More open space.

These designs rely on nifty hideaway cupboards, drawers, and doors. That way, you can tuck away your paraphernalia, leaving behind a clean, open room.

Traditionally, these rooms include white marble or granite countertops. Floors are bereft of patterns. And the room is filled with clean, straight lines.

Cosmo Counter

Did someone say makeup? If you spend hours every day in front of a mirror, you might as well have a bathroom built to make your life easier.

This type of bathroom includes three large mirrors so you can see yourself from different angles. You’ll also get at least six cabinets and drawers for your many accessories. And don’t forget about the plush getting-ready-for-my-night-out stool that hides under the counter.

Oh, and don’t forget about your massive walk-in black marble shower. It comes with a Bluetooth stereo and wireless speakers, so you can enjoy your preening for hours on end.

What Else Goes with Your Bathroom Remodel in Fond Du Lac?

You may decide to include other rooms with your bathroom remodel in Fond Du Lac. If that’s the case, we recommend the kitchen as your second project. It’s where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

If you want to learn more about overhauling your home, take five minutes to browse our other trending remodeling articles. So long and good luck!

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