Make the Neighbors Jealous: 8 Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends in 2019

kitchen design ideas

There’s no better feeling than showing off your hard work with a well-designed home. A kitchen upgrade is especially rewarding because you get both beauty and added resale value.

The year 2019 is the time to step up your game with kitchen design ideas that will make the neighbors jealous. According to HGTV, kitchen and bathroom remodels are two of the best investments you can make when upgrading your home.

Check out this list of the biggest kitchen design trends of 2019.


If your phone can be smart, why not your kitchen? Kitchens have far more responsibility and purpose than the average cell phone. Choose a smart kitchen technology when planning your design.

Smart kitchens are a big trend in 2019 as refrigerators and blenders now have wifi capabilities to learn your favorite settings. Refrigerators can alert you when your groceries are low to remind you to take a trip to the grocery store. Coffee makers can start your favorite brew before you reach the kitchen in the morning.

From the faucets to the lighting in the ceiling, smart features enhance your kitchen by making its functions easy to use. Gone are the days of fiddling with instruction manuals to operate new gadgets. Many smart devices offer apps with simple interfaces to perform simple tasks.

The best part about smart kitchen technology is that it’s customizable. If blending smoothies in the morning isn’t your thing, skip the wifi blender and opt for a motion sensor faucet instead to avoid cross contamination while cooking.

When remodeling you can incorporate technology into the design or add removable features that can be taken out as you upgrade over time. Do not forget to update your lighting system–allowing you to control all the lights from your smartphone or tablet.

No matter your needs, smart kitchen technology is finding a way to meet that desire with intuitive design.

Reducing Cabinets

Homeowners are removing upper cabinets and replacing them with shelving.

The goal with this look is to turn your favorite plates and bowls into the focal point of the room. This design idea works great if you have heirlooms or collectibles that just don’t get their fair share of attention.

Removing cabinets is popular because it opens up the space making the ceiling, and overall room, appear larger. Without the upper cabinets, more light filters into the room.

The countertop space under the cabinet that was once unusable now becomes a large open surface for cooking projects. Think texture when choosing the materials for your open shelving. Rough cut wood and industrial grade materials are great choices for making this area of the kitchen the star of the show.

Not everyone is comfortable showing off every dish they own. Opt for partial shelving over the sink if you still need discreet storage overhead.

Add Dark Colors

The urge for clean, bright surfaces is a classic choice because these design elements bring a cheerful ambiance to a room.

Now, dark colors present an option to add a sophisticated touch of glamour. Paired with the right blend of metals, black cabinets present a chic focal point for a kitchen.

Dark colored cabinets free you from the responsibility of keeping surfaces spotless to maintain their beauty. If you are looking for a distinctive, unforgettable look, a dark kitchen design is the way to go.

Patterned Backsplashes

Say goodbye to muted subway tile backsplashes in 2019. Though larger subway tiles are still considered on trend, designers are leaning more toward statement backsplashes.

Pops of bright color or eclectic patterns are a great pick against muted cabinetry. This trend brings tile into the space as a work of art rather than a bland background. Choose from large, textured slabs of tile to complete this look.

Large untextured slabs bring modern design to a kitchen. Think marble, wood, glass or copper to make the ultimate contemporary statement. Without an upper cabinet to block its shine, larger slabs can make bigger presentations in open kitchen design.

Statement Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are not the object of choice in 2019. Designers are trying a much more eclectic choice with statement appliances.

Patterned ranges and brightly colored vintage appliances are a choice option for kitchen designs. They are amazing at starting conversations as they give your kitchen a collected look.

These statement appliances might be a great fit for brightly colored cabinets if you want to bring energy to your space. For some, however, a muted room with one pop of color is enough. The choice depends on your tolerance for patterns and bright color in a space you have to use every day.

Natural Lighting

Small windows just don’t bring the natural light a modern kitchen design deserves. Designers are opening up kitchen windows to include floor to ceiling installations. The impact of natural light on textured surfaces cannot be faked.

Choose to increase the number of windows in your kitchen if floor-to-ceiling windows are not an option. The increased light gives the impression of bringing the outside in especially when trees line the property nearby.

Matte Finishes

Glossy surfaces may be great for bright colors, but Matte blacks and navy are ideal choices for kitchen cabinetry. Designers are opting to upgrade the appearance of a plain dark kitchen surface with dull finishes that resemble metals.

This is in keeping with the mixed metal phenomenon of current trends. Turning cabinetry into a metal-like surface is a great way to add instant style to your room.

Clever Storage

Make the most of your space with under cabinet storage. Ultra deep drawers and corner cabinets keep clutter from the countertops.

The goal in this design trend is to make more room for the focal point of the space and less room for clutter. To make way for other trends means clearing off anything that distracts the eye from statement cabinets or open shelving.

Choosing Kitchen Design Ideas

Many kitchen design ideas for 2019 are bold and bright. For many people, these styles are far too overwhelming to add to a room they have to use every day.

There are clever ways to make statements in your kitchen design without making the space too trendy. Check out our website for more tips on getting the best design possible for your investment.

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