Basement Remodel: 4 Steps to an Awesome Space

Basement Remodel: 4 Steps to an Awesome Space

When you’re looking at a bare basement with concrete walls, it’s hard to imagine the finished basement of your dreams. But you can picture it: the wet bar, recreation room, incredible man cave, guest bedroom, additional bathroom, great workout space&helip;the options are endless. Here’s how to turn that picture into reality, and the steps you need to go from bare basement to a finished space you can enjoy.

Decide what you want from your basement.

Before you start contacting contractors, decide what you want from the basement. Do you want a family hangout space? Do you need additional storage? An office? A wet bar? Workout room? Guest room? Decide what space, or spaces, you need in your basement so you can get an accurate quote and efficient plan.

Think about water.

A basement remodel is different from other room renovations in a key way: moisture. Moisture seeps through the slab of a basement, making waterproofing and material choice an integral part of the remodel. If flooding has been an issue in the past, additional flood-proofing measures should be taken as well. When hiring a contractor for the job, make sure that waterproofing is discussed and addressed.

Draft a (rough) plan.

Once you know what spaces you want in your basement, and that waterproofing has been addressed, start drafting a rough plan of what you want. It doesn’t have to be exact, but should give your contractor an idea of what exactly you want and show that you have included all the spaces needed from your basement. A rough drawing also gives the contractor the scope of work that needs to be included, such as plumbing or electrical. Be aware that the drawing may change, especially if your contractor has ideas that can improve the plan.

Contact a contractor.

Choose your contractor carefully; ask them questions about their past projects, years of experience, and availability to start the basement remodel. Be cautious of any contractors that ask for a full payment up front or are evasive about communication. Careful research and a good contractor can lead to the basement of your dreams.

Choose your contractor

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