4 Big Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look New

4 Big Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look New

Kitchens are the center of a busy home. With lots of foot (and paw) traffic, it’s inevitable for cabinets to look worn, countertops to get scratched and damaged, and for flooring to start looking their age. There is hope for a kitchen that shows its age; these kitchen remodeling ideas can bring new life to the heart of the home and make it look brand new.


A kitchen backsplash can breathe new life into a kitchen. It also gives a homeowner the chance to personalize a kitchen and tie all the décor together. There are a lot of options for backsplash tile, such as mosaics and subway tile. The color of grout can also be selected to complement the tile and add interest (like dark grout with a light backsplash tile). A backsplash also doesn’t have to break the bank;

contact a contractor to get a quote for a new backsplash.

Cabinet Remodel

Cabinets occupy the majority of a kitchen, which is why new or refaced cabinets can give a kitchen a complete remodel. If the budget is tight and the cabinet boxes are in good shape, refaced cabinets can make a kitchen look like the day it was built. Different cabinets (or cabinet doors) can also lighten a kitchen or add interest to the room. For example, a new island that is refaced or repainted can make a kitchen like a whole different space.


Kitchen countertops are more than just a surface for food prep and homework. Countertops need to be durable enough to do all that; new countertops can make a kitchen look completely different. Consider the options for new countertops carefully; some countertops need regular maintenance or care to keep it looking fresh.

Pantry Door

Replacing the door to a kitchen pantry can add interest to any kitchen. For a splash of color, consider adding a door that coordinates with the existing décor but with a new and exciting color scheme (such as red, blue, or green).

Talk to a contractor about pantry door options, then enjoy the ambiance of a new (to you, anyways) kitchen.

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