When Your Gutters look like the Olympics Half Pipe

When Your Gutters look like the Olympics Half Pipe

If you’ve been watching the Sochi Olympics, you’ve watched the snowboarders and skiers spin and twist above the frozen half pipe. It’s an inspiring sight, fitting for Olympic competition.

However, when your gutters start to resemble the half pipe, it’s time to start worrying about more than gold medals. You need to be concerned about ice dams.

Ice dams occur when water melts on your warm roof and freezes on your gutters or roof. Water builds up behind the ice dam, potentially leaking into your home and causing significant damage.

Fortunately, there are easy—and inexpensive—ways to prevent ice dams:

1) Properly insulating an attic is essential to keeping those pesky dams at bay, and also has the added bonus of keeping your energy bills low. Not sure where to start? Contact a contractor. He or she can check your attic and add the proper amount of insulation.

2)Clean gutters before winter and snow. Not crazy about climbing on your rickety ladder and going after all those leaves? Good news: it’s not extremely expensive. Contact a contractor to perform the necessary maintenance that will prevent those expensive problems—like ice dams—later.

3)Looking for the easier option? Consider having guards installed on your gutters. Though more expensive, it’s a convenient way to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters and, ultimately, those dreaded ice dams away.

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