How to Choose the Right Contractor

How to Choose the Right Contractor

When you have a kitchen ready to remodel, or a home project that can’t wait, choosing a contractor can seem daunting. How do you know the contractor is legit? How do you know that contractor can create the dream kitchen or bathroom you’ve always dreamed of? How can you find a contractor if you don’t know anyone personally? Don’t stress, do your homework. A bit of due diligence when choosing a contractor pays off big in the long run, and gives you the peace of mind you need before the hammers start flying:

1.Don’t be hesitant to ask questions. Ask all the hard questions: how do you handle payments? Who will pull permits? How can I get in touch with you? What documentation will I receive when the job is done? What is the timeline for the project? Be concerned if they ask for a large down payment up front, or have a flippant attitude about permits. Permits may seem like an unnecessary expense, but are a protection for you and NEED to be obtained if you want to sell the house. When the project is done, your contractor should provide documentation showing that there are no standing liens.

2.Expect your contractor to ask questions—and be concerned if they don’t. Don’t be worried if your contractor shows up with a tape measure. You do your due diligence, and so should your contractor.

3.Be clear about your expectations. Be open and honest. Clear communication is essential to a good relationship with your contractor throughout the remodeling process. If you have pets, let your contractor know. A good contractor is willing to accommodate your pets, and keep the rest of your home as clean as possible during the project.

4.Ask for a quote and references. Let’s get one thing clear: all quotes should be free of charge. A contractor should not hesitate to provide references and proof of quality work.

Don’t let price be the sole reason for your choice. Choose a quality contractor like Conger Construction. Larry Conger has years of experience, good references and proof of numerous projects he’s built throughout southeastern Wisconsin (want a preview? Look at his Facebook page). He can remodel your bathroom, replace your windows or finish your basement—or give you that dream kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever your project, give Larry Conger a call. He can answer your questions, and make your project a distant and fond memory that you can enjoy for years to come.

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