Behind the Scenes of Conger: Larry’s Valentine, Deb Conger

Behind the Scenes of Conger: Larry’s Valentine, Deb Conger

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Larry Conger’s valentine is his wife, Deb. After almost 36 years of marriage she should be, right? Deb is more than just Larry’s valentine; she is also the valentine of his company Conger Construction. Behind the scenes, Deb does the daily administrative and accounting work for Conger Construction, as well as her fair share of company phone work. So what keeps Conger Construction’s valentine going?

“I love seeing a job once it’s completed, seeing the before and after,” Deb says. She’s been with Conger “forever” and has seen kitchen and bath remodels, projects to make homes and buildings more handicap accessible, home repairs and window and door replacements.

“I don’t think people know that Larry can do a full remodel job,” Deb says. “Some people don’t realize he does more than just windows and doors.” Her statement explains her favorite Conger Construction project, a complete basement remodel. Larry completely finished the basement, which was bare cinder block walls and a poured floor, and created a beautiful, functional space for the homeowners. “It was something you would see in a magazine,” Deb says.

Though, understandably, Deb is Larry’s favorite valentine, she’s also the start of a series of Behind the Scenes profiles of people that help make the beautiful Conger Construction ‘After’ photos possible. Thanks Deb!

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