Have damage to your home? You know who to call

Have damage to your home? You know who to call

No, it’s not Ghostbusters. And it’s not one of those lawyers on TV. If you have damage to your home from one of our recent, harsh Wisconsin storms or from a child’s (or parent’s) driving, you need the damage fixed now.

The urgency for a quick fix is both for you and for your insurance company. Many insurance companies require that you fix your home within a certain amount of days after the damage occurred.

Enter Conger Construction. Give us, and your insurance agent, a call. Once you’ve filed the claim, we work closely with you and your insurance company to get the work done quickly and at a price everyone can be happy with.

If you have damage, call Conger Construction at 920-923-5528. We’ll give you a quality repair promptly, and with few calls and minimal effort on your part.

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