That Stairway Does WHAT???

That Stairway Does WHAT???

We all need a safe place to store our valuables, and access to them. Hence, the recent calls to Conger Construction from two different clients both who needed storage answers. One had storage space above the garage but no way to get to it, and another needed an attractive stairway and a way to get items down the stairs for storage. And for enjoyment—ever try to get a couch down basement stairs? We’ve all seen a comical YouTube video of that feat.

The answer to our clients’ problems was&helip;removable stairs and railing!

Removable stairs made the storage above this garage accessible, while not taking up much needed storage space below. (That means they can park their cars when our Wisconsin weather sends us rain and snow!)

A removable railing made this basement beautiful and accessible. If the owner needed to bring any large items down the steps, they can remove the railing. In the meantime, this stairway is attractive and safe.

Do you have an area where removable stairs or a removable railing is a necessity? Let us know!

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