6 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to Work On Your Deck

6 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to Work On Your Deck

Whether you’re ripping up your old deck, refinishing that old and tired surface or adding steps or another layer to your deck, now is the right time to think about getting your decking project done. Why? We’ve got six good reasons to roll up your sleeves&helip;and contact a contractor to take on that decking project:

• It’s not raining. The next few months are historically drier in Wisconsin, giving you the time to start and finish your project without worrying about rain and thunderstorm interruptions.

• It’s not snowing in Wisconsin—yet. Yes, we know you’re not fond of that white stuff (or even mentioning that it’s coming), but the upcoming Wisconsin winter should be one of the biggest motivators to get your project going. Our cold winters are hard on decks, bringing ice and moisture to your wood surface.

• The temperature is warm enough at night for stain. If you’re project involves finishing a deck, the temperature should generally be more than 50 degrees. This time of year is ideal for this temperature—during the day and night.

• Your summer parties are over. Once your cook-outs are done, get started. It’s always nice to jump into a project without having to worry about the safety of your guests.

• The kids are (almost) back in school. Since the traffic on your deck has decreased dramatically thanks to the absence of kids, work can begin and end without worrying about your kids getting splinters or stain on their clothes.

• You’ll be ready for your next Memorial Day barbeque. Don’t procrastinate, especially when our Wisconsin springs are unpredictable. Get your deck ready for next year.

If these reasons haven’t motivated you, contact Conger Construction for a quote. We can give you the deck you want at the time of the year when it makes sense.

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