Do you need a storm door?

Do you need a storm door?

Pros of a storm door

Adding a storm door to your home has three advantages:

• it increases air flow in your home
• it reduces the effects of our Wisconsin weather on your home
• it lessens the amount of heat loss seeping through your exterior door when the temperatures get cooler

Storm doors make sense for homes with good, quality, older doors that are regularly exposed to weather. Storm doors add another layer of protection to your door, and can increase the life of the door.

If increased air flow is what you want, a storm door is your answer. Storm doors can cool your home by allowing more air flow into your home. For some homeowners, this may mean that they use their air conditioner less; it depends on the home and homeowner’s preference. Storm doors also add another level of security for some homeowners.

Cons of a storm door

For homes with newer, high quality, and efficient exterior doors, storm doors are more for your preference than for efficiency. Newer doors are already constructed for maximum efficiency, meaning that a storm door is not going to increase the efficiency of your home.

If your exterior door is exposed to direct sunlight for more than a few hours a day, purchase a storm door with vents that allow the heat to escape. In these situations, the storm door traps heat and can eventually damage your exterior door.

If you decide a storm door is right for your home, contact a contractor for a free quote—and to get your new storm door installed so you can enjoy the advantages of a new storm door.

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