Should I repair or replace my deck?

Should I repair or replace my deck?

Rotting wood

“Do I need a new deck? Can those boards be replaced?” As much as we want for our deck to last forever, there comes a time in every deck’s life when boards need to be repaired—or the whole deck needs to be replaced. If you’re not sure which category your deck fits in (repair or replacement), here are three signs that replacement is the answer, a contractor can give you the final answer.

Rotted wood is one of the most common reasons a deck needs to be repaired or replaced. If the rotted wood is only a few deck boards, the boards can be replaced; however, if rotted wood is in the supporting structure or one of the posts, it’s time to replace the deck. You may have to make a thorough inspection of your deck to find rotted wood, such as on the bottom of the posts, joists, or under any steps (if you have stairs).

Your railings lean when you lean on them

Let’s be clear: your railings should never move when you lean on them. Leaning railings can be a huge safety concern, and you shouldn’t have to warn your guests. If your railings do budge when you relax,

it’s time to contact a contractor for a free quote—before someone gets hurt.

You’re sick of maintenance

If you’re tired of sealing your deck—and all of the other maintenance that comes with a deck—it may be time to replace your wood deck with a new composite deck. Composite decks need no maintenance but have the look of wood. Composite decking comes in all colors, but is cool to the touch (and feet) because of the material. To find out if composite deck is right for you, contact a contractor to find out if composite deck is right for you and if your deck is going to hold up for another summer of cookouts and fun.

Contact a contractor

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