5 Steps to Get a Kitchen That Looks Like the “After” Photo

5 Steps to Get a Kitchen That Looks Like the “After” Photo

The kitchen is the heart of the home (and the source of all delicious meals), so when your kitchen starts exhibiting one of the 10 signs you need a new kitchen it’s hard to say no to more functional kitchen. In addition, a kitchen is one of the top home projects that add value to your home. So how do you get that functional dream kitchen that looks like all the great “after” photos you see?

1.Know what you want. Do you want more storage in your new kitchen? Or a new kitchen with an island that everyone can gather around? Bring your ideas and vision to the design table, but be open to other ideas your contractor and designer has—they’ve seen and done this before.

2.Hire the right contractor. If you want your job done quickly, hire a contractor. An experienced contractor, like Larry Conger, has the expertise and efficiency to finish your job before your next family gathering or holiday party.

3.Make a plan. Whether it’s to keep the existing layout, or design a whole new kitchen, have a plan in mind when you start your kitchen remodel. Doing so ensures that you and your contractor are on the same page. A plan also is helpful for ordering supplies and keeping the job on schedule.

4.Know your countertops. Countertop options are overwhelming, so it helps to do your research before you step into the show room. Read our articles on countertop options (Part I & II). If you need more advice ask your contractor. They can recommend a countertop that works best for your family based on what they’ve seen during their projects.

5.Enjoy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once your project is done, enjoy the work of your contractor and the functional kitchen you’ve missed.

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