7 Beautiful Ways to Dress Up Your Front Entry

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The front entry is your chance to impress guests. Even before they step in the door, there are a ton of front entry ideas that can make your home look more inviting and create an awesome curb appeal. You don’t have to stop there; these front entry ideas start outside the front entrance and continue through the front door.


Customize the pathway
A stylish front entrance is not just about the actual doorway. The path to the door can be just as much of a statement, drawing the eye to the front entry. There are a lot of ideas for a front entry path; on the practical side, the path needs to not only look nice but also be easy to shovel when it snows (this is Wisconsin after all!) There are a lot of options, such as pavers, bricks, and tile. Another practical and impressive option is stamped or stained concrete. In addition to being easy to shovel in winter, these front entrance path ideas can give the concrete a custom and one-of-a-kind look.

Add color
A pop of color adds interest to a home’s exterior. The choice of color adds personality and can be a more muted color, such as a marron or navy, or a more vibrant orange or blue. If your home needs a storm door, order a door in a color that suits the exterior and protects the home.

Consider adding greenery
A touch of green spruces up a front entrance—and you don’t always have to have a green thumb to maintain it. For an over-the-top look, use multi-level planters with real or faux flowers or topiaries. In the midst of all the greenery, add a rug that coordinates with the entryway décor so guests can wipe off their feet before coming in.

Swap out your front door
The front door sets the tone for what’s to come. There are so many options for front doors, all in different styles that fit with the exterior. A wooden door adds an upscale touch to any home, while a vintage door adds a historic touch to an older home. Modern steel and fiberglass doors come with glass inserts with a variety of designs that fits with almost any home style.


Give your foyer a finished look
The charm or modern aesthetic of a front entry doesn’t need to stop when guests step in the front door. There are a lot of ways to make this area more welcoming. In a hallway, a feature wall with artwork or photograph can draw the eye down the hallway. Crown molding, available in many different options, can be stained or painted and added a finished look to a hallway, foyer, or entryway.

Add furniture
If your foyer doubles as a mudroom or coat rack, an easy way to add style and organization to a front entry is with cabinets, coat racks, entry table, or wall hooks. If the space is an odd shape or size, custom cabinets that fit the space and décor can do both. With the right matching stain or paint, the right cabinets can look they have always been there and add a touch of style to a bland front entry. For added function, pair the cabinets with coordinating hooks, baskets, or fabric containers.

Lighten up the space
The right lighting does more than just lighten up a space. A stylish light fixture is part of front entry décor and makes a statement. The right lighting, paired with a coordinated paint color, can create a welcoming and warm entry way that you and your guests enjoy.

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