Basement Laundry Room Ideas that Look Great

basement laundry room

Laundry may not be everyone’s favorite chore, but that doesn’t mean your basement laundry room has to drab and dreary. Even unfinished laundry rooms can be incredibly functional and pleasant to be in. These laundry room remodeling ideas can turn any basement laundry room into a room that you actually want to be sorting, folding, and organizing in.

Think about your needs.

Every homeowner has different needs, and one of the first steps of planning a laundry room remodel is to make a list of what is needed from the laundry room. Do you need a countertop for folding? What kinds of storage do you need for laundry supplies? Do you need an organizing center? Is the room just for laundry or multi-purpose? The answers to these questions can help you decide what storage you need for your basement laundry room.

Choose the best shelving/cabinets for the space.

A client recently contacted us about a laundry room project. Her current laundry room had open shelves that were installed too high. She asked that we replace the shelves with cabinets that she could actually reach. Once the new cabinets were in, she was happy to report that the space was more functional because all her items were tucked away neatly and easy-to-reach. The lesson: the right shelving or cabinets can be the difference between a functional or barely functional laundry room.

Be vertical.

One of the most common laundry room remodeling mistakes is actually a missed storage opportunity. When planning out a laundry room, don’t forget to look up. Vertical storage can be godsend in any home, especially when space is tight. Often vertical shelves and cabinets can add the floor-to-ceiling storage that a family needs. For basement laundry rooms with laundry sorters, shelves can be installed over the sorters to give homeowners more option for household items.

Put lighting high on the priority list.

Laundry room lighting can make the space feel pleasant or like a dungeon. Even an unfinished laundry room can benefit from the right type of lighting. There are several lighting options that can be added during a laundry room remodel: can lights, track lighting, or ceiling fixtures. (Don’t hesitate to ask an experienced remodeling contractor for suggestions.) If head clearance is a factor, can lighting or ceiling fixtures tight to the ceiling offer functional lighting that offer plenty of room for working.

Use every inch of a small basement laundry room.

If you have a small room or laundry closet, invest in storage options that are versatile and custom-made for the space. Furniture and installments like shelves and cabinets with places for hanging and containers can add storage and functionality without taking up a lot of space.

Have fun with design ideas.

The best laundry rooms are functional and pleasant—and totally possible, even in an unfinished laundry room. The smallest touches, such as a chalkboard or uniquely painted wall or wallpaper, can make a huge difference in a basement laundry room. Choose laundry room design ideas that tie together and make the space feel pleasant. These decisions can extend all the way to the floor, with low-budget vinyl that looks high-end or a unique tile design that sets the room apart.

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