3 Affordable Home Projects that Dress Up Your Home for Winter

3 Affordable Home Projects that Dress Up Your Home for Winter

The time is coming when we’re all going to be stuck inside because of the ‘s’ word (snow-sorry). That’s why it makes sense now to fix up the rooms that we’re going to be enjoying all winter. Dressing up your house doesn’t have to involve a full remodel (though sometimes that old kitchen or basement needs it); sometimes a few simple additions or replacements can give your home a whole new look—and can be affordable too!

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Crown Molding

Crown molding is small, inexpensive, and the perfect finishing touch to any room. It’s also available in almost any color and finish; a good contractor can even make molding that matches your cabinet and trim.


When it comes to your home, the smallest detail matters—including your railings. New railings can make your home look new and updated—and can even be functional. When we put in new railings in a homeowner’s basement, we made them removable so they could get items in and out of their basement.

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Basement cabinets & bars

There are a few strategic additions that can transform your basement from a haphazard space full of toys and “stuff” to a fun entertaining space (for your family or for you and your friends). The first step is to finish your basement (a contractor can take care of that quickly and efficiently). The next step is to add finishing touches that make it an ideal space for entertaining all ages with a basement bar or cabinets. Consider adding a basement bar is a perfect addition for family and adult-only parties. If you’re a collector, contact a contractor to build custom-made shelving or cabinets made specifically to show case your collectibles. If you have kids, ask a contractor to build cabinets to tuck away all the toys before a party or a fun night.

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