5 Good Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

5 Good Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

For most homeowners, the decision to remodel your bathroom is not an impulsive decision. It’s a decision made after years of living in (or tolerating) your current bathroom. So how do you know when it’s time to say good-bye to that old bathroom? And how can you convince other members of your family it’s time for a full bathroom remodel? We’ve listed some of the top reasons to remodel your bathroom—and some ways to convince other members of your household as well.

Your bathroom has, or will, become unsafe

Several years ago, we remodeled a bathroom for a senior client who needed a safer, more accessible bathroom because of health reasons and decreased mobility. The new bathroom was created from two rooms, a half bath and a laundry room. We took out the wall between and installed key features that made the bathroom safer and more accessible. We used a low curb shower unit so our client wouldn’t have any balance issues while getting in and out of the shower. For added security, the shower unit we chose was large enough for a shower chair if ever needed. A chair-height toilet and higher dressing/make-up table were height adjustments made to make the bathroom more accessible. We installed a unique grab bar that moves up out of the way when not needed, but is very useful to someone in a walker or wheelchair. In addition, multiple grab bars were mounted in convenient locations for our client for increased leverage. If you’re concerned about the safety of your bathroom, or are looking to make your bathroom safer for the future, contact an experienced contractor for a free quote.

You want to increase the value of your home

You know that blue toilets aren’t in style any more. Or green. Or harvest gold. Whatever color your toilets, countertops or tiles, the 70s (or whatever decade they’re from) are over. It’s time your bathroom reflected that. Update your bathroom with a new vanity, countertop, flooring, toilet, and shower to give your home a new, fresh look.
Updating your bathroom is one of the key projects that add value to your home, and can get you a higher purchase price if you put your home on the market. Ask any real estate agent: bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. Another good financial reason to update that blue toilet or redo your shower? You can save money on your water bills by installing low flush toilets or shower heads that restrict water use.

You want to make your bathroom bigger

Whether you’re expanding your bathroom for safety reasons, you need more space in your master bath, or your kids need more room to get ready in the morning, a bathroom expansion is an excellent reason to hire a professional contractor for the job. A contractor can get the job done quickly so you have a working bathroom again and has the expertise to make sure your bathroom is done efficiently and correctly with the best craftsmanship. If you need to remove a wall, a contractor has the expertise to know if the wall is structural (meaning you need to add more support for the floor above or to maintain the structural integrity of your home) and if any pipes, ducts or wires need to be moved that are in the wall.

You have mold

Is there mold anywhere in your bathroom? In your vanity, by the tub, or on the bathroom ceiling? Or do you have a water stain and mold below your tub? Hopefully, you don’t have mold where you can’t see it—below your tub or on your subfloor. Remediating the mold you can see may be a short-term solution, but does nothing for the long-term health of your family if the water leak (or excessive condensation) continues. If you have mold, stop the leak at the source of the problem. Contact a contractor to diagnose the issue, and to get a quote to fix the problem—or to completely remodel the bathroom.

You can’t clean the tile any more:
Can’t get the grime out of the shower tiles? Or have you scrubbed and scrubbed and still have a disgusting floor in your bathroom? If your tiles are so old that you can’t get them (or your grout) clean any more—either your floor or shower tiles—consider replacing those tiles and giving your bathroom an update. Contact a contractor for a free quote, and for ideas for your new bathroom that improve aesthetics or functionality.

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