4 Myths about Windows You Should Ignore

4 Myths about Windows You Should Ignore

When it’s time to replace your windows, you want to see—and know—clearly that you’re installing replacement windows that are the best long-term solution for your home. If you don’t, the results could be disastrous: high energy bills, drafty windows, or even worse, water damage from leaks. So how do you get the best replacement windows for your home? You can help by distinguishing the truths and falsehoods of these common window myths:

There’s no difference from window to window

A window is a window, right? No. We can promise you that after removing quite a few sub-quality windows. One of our clients had such bad windows that the seals started going within five years of installation (and not just on one window but on numerous windows), and others have had issues with condensation, water leakage and poor quality window materials. We install Pella windows solely for that reason: for high quality and performance that lasts for years. When choosing windows for your home, be selective. There’s too much on the line to cheap out and settle for low quality.

Windows don’t affect my home’s energy efficiency

Not true! New windows increase your home’s efficiency, reducing utility bills and increasing your savings. An initial investment in quality windows creates long-term savings; replacing old windows can reduce household energy bills by as much as 15 percent. The cost of the windows may also be claimed as a tax deduction, and certain utilities offer incentives to homeowners purchasing energy-efficient windows. In the long run, your home is warmer and your wallet thicker as you enjoy the benefits of your new windows.

Wood windows are the best windows

Yes, wood windows are good windows, but so are vinyl windows. Today’s vinyl windows are high-efficiency without the expansion and shrinking of wood windows, or with the problem of sitting condensation on wood. Wood isn’t better than vinyl, and vinyl isn’t better than wood; it’s a matter of preference.

Windows can’t block out noise

Living on a busy street doesn’t mean you have to feel like you’re standing in the middle of the street. If you want a quieter interior, ask your contractor about windows that can block out exterior noise. Many window manufacturers are making windows with that feature, including Pella.

Need us to break any other window myths you’ve heard? Contact us. Or do you want an answer to the ultimate window myth: how much is it going to cost to put in replacement windows? Send us an email, call us or post on our Facebook page and we’ll give you a free quote.

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