4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Laundry Room

4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Laundry Room

The laundry room. To some people, the laundry room is a functional space with no more value than that. To others, a laundry room is the epicenter of a busy home, and the design is critical to a functional and organized household. Every home is different, and every laundry room has to do different functions and serve the needs of your household. So how do you plan the laundry room that’s right for your home?


Do you need a place to rinse your hunting clothes, to treat stains, to work on messy projects, or to wash a mountain of clothes for your family? Think about how you use your laundry room, how often, and for what purposes. Do you need a closet on the second floor just for laundry? Do you need a sink where you can rinse your barn, work or hunting clothes? Would you like an area for dirty projects and clean-up all in one? If so, you probably want durable flooring in that space, or no flooring at all. The function you need in your space can dictate how finished a laundry room you plan for (i.e. ceiling tiles or nothing, flooring, etc.) Another function to consider: do you need additional storage such as shelving or cabinets? Do you need storage to store your holiday decorations or cleaning projects?

Location & Size

Do you need a main floor laundry that can accommodate your health? What size are your appliances? Your utility sink (if you need it)? How large or a space do you need? Obviously, the final result can be your choice if you have a large basement or area for your new laundry room. The other option is making sure you wisely use whatever space you have for remodeling into a laundry room.


Obviously, the plumbing in your home has to be a consideration so you have hook-ups for your washer, dryer, and utility sink. Discuss your options with a plumber, because the cost of your project is going to vary based on the ease and length of plumbing that needs to be run.


Contact a contractor for a free quote and ideas for your laundry room. They can give you suggestions for your laundry room based on past experience, and help make your laundry room a reality that fits your budget—whatever kind of space you need.

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