4 Ways to Update Your Bathroom (Cheaply!)

4 Ways to Update Your Bathroom (Cheaply!)

A bathroom remodeling project doesn’t always involve a giant mess and a lot of money. There are simple (and affordable!) ways to update your bathroom on a budget. Many of these cheap updates can be a do-it-yourself project; if you’re don’t have the time or the skills to remodel your bathroom, you can choose a contractor that listens to your ideas and puts it together into an updated room you can be proud of (affordably!).

Paint/refinish your vanity

If your vanity is still functional (i.e. all the drawers work, doors open, etc.), give your outdated and worn vanity a new look. Sand or strip (depending on the finish) your vanity and give it a new coat of paint or stain (or hire a contractor to manage the whole bathroom remodel).

Swap out the counter

If your vanity counter looks like its seen better days, or it looks like 20 years ago, purchase a new countertop (and faucet) for your bathroom. Make sure you choose a countertop that not only updates your look but also suits your lifestyle as well. If your toilet is a color other than a neutral color that coordinates, you may want to consider updating it as well.

Paint the walls

Give your room a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that makes a statement or a neutral color that coordinates with the color of your new vanity. When you get your new paint, ask for a paint finish ideal for rooms with high humidity, such as a semi-gloss.

Tile, tile, tile

Tile around your tub or shower and/or a coordinated floor tile can give your room a completely new look. Choose one (or both) options for a durable and updated look, or choose a contractor that can manage your bathroom project from the before to the after pictures.

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