4 Home Projects that Can Make Your Aging Parent’s Home Safer

basement laundry room

4 Home Projects that Can Make Your Aging Parent’s Home Safer

When your parent or grandparent is on their own at home, it can seem like a very large job to make their home safer; however, the reality that a few small projects can make an aging parent’s home safer—and make you feel better about them at home alone.

Main floor laundry

If you’re worried about your parents or grandparents going up and down the stairs to their washer or dryer, or you’ve been going up and down for them, talk to a contractor about moving their laundry to the main floor. If space is a concern, the washer and dryer can be moved to a closet on the main floor or even in a bathroom as we did for a recent client.

Safer shower & tub

When balance issues are a problem, a low curb shower unit can help when your parents or parent gets in and out of the shower. While completing the project, talk to your contractor about making the shower large enough for a shower chair if ever needed.

Grab bars

Grab bars are a helpful addition when your parent needs increased leverage, especially in the bathroom. Look into installing grab bars in convenient locations, and move out of the way when not needed. There are permanent and non-permanent solutions, so make sure you do your research when choosing the right grab bar for the home. You need to install bars that can handle the right amount of weight so the bar and your parents don’t fall.

Taller items

Taller items can help minimize balance issues and make room for wheelchairs (if they become necessary). If you are thinking of remodeling a bathroom for your mom or dad, a counter height vanity (without drawers underneath) and a chair-height toilet can help your parents during their day-to-day routine.

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