Is water condensation on my windows normal?

Is water condensation on my windows normal?

We hear the question “is condensation on my windows normal?” a lot, probably because it happens quite frequently when the weather gets cool. Unfortunately, we can’t give homeowners a clear yes or no answer; the answer depends on the window and the home.

A little bit of condensation on the interior of windows at the bottom when the weather drops (even new windows) is normal. Excessive condensation or condensation between the panes is not a common occurrence. In fact, condensation between the panes can actually be a sign of a damaged window. Contact your contractor to find out if your windows are irreparably damaged and need to be replaced. A contractor can give you a free quote for replacement as well.

Excessive condensation can damage wood windows, rot away the frames, and, over time, cause mold to form. If you can’t see out your windows because of condensation on the interior, you may want to check into your home’s humidity level. Excessive condensation can happen if your home is too humid. To reduce your humidity level, you can turn off your humidifier, use a dehumidifier, use bathroom fans and air exchangers, and use other methods your contractor can recommend.

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