4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Not sure if you need your windows replaced? Obviously, we can’t see your windows, but we can list some of the major reasons to get your windows replaced. If your problem isn’t on the list, don’t be afraid to ask a contractor to find out if you need your windows replaced.

You have mold between the panes.

If your window appears cloudy, or you have mold in between the glass panes, the structural integrity of your windows may be compromised—as well as your visibility. Call a contractor to check out your windows and find out the extent of the damage.

A flame flickers.

Feel a draft by your windows? Do this simple test to check for draftiness: hold a flame in front of the window. If the flame flickers, it’s time to replace that window. Drafty windows are inefficient and expensive, costing you additional money for heating and cooling your home.

Two words: water stains.

If you find water stains around your window, or rotting wood around your window, it’s time to replace your windows (and/or your framing). In a lot of cases, you’ll find both, because water leaks can cause the framing around your window to rot. Water leaks can cause numerous problems, including mold and structural damage. Contact a contractor for new windows before your problems worsen.

You can’t let in the warm breeze.

If you can’t open your windows, it’s time for a change—and a new set of windows. Contact a contractor for a free quote for new windows.

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