What do I do about the rotting wood in my home?

What do I do about the rotting wood in my home?

Rotting wood around your windows. Rotted wood on your porch. Rotting wood on your deck. Rotted wood around your door. While the warmer Wisconsin weather brings out flowers and green grass, it also brings that nasty rotting wood in and around your home to light. In addition to an eye sore and an invitation for pests, rotting wood can also be a safety hazard for you and your guests.

What do you do about rotting wood? Some rotting wood can be repaired, such as a small amount of rot around a window. If you think it is possible to repair the rotted wood around your window, make sure that you have stopped the cause of the rotting (such as a water leak) or the problem is just going to get worse. Directions on how to repair rotting wood can be found on this website.
If the amount of rotting wood exceeds a simple repair, it’s time to replace the damaged framing. Contact a contractor for a free quote for window frame replacement.

Individual rotting deck boards can also be replaced if the damage is not too severe. If any of your supporting boards are rotting, the wood could be too damaged to safely support any weight. If you are not sure if your wood supports are structurally sound, don’t guess. Schedule an appointment at your home with an expert to evaluate the extent of the damage.

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