4 Tips for Keeping Sane During a Kitchen Remodel

4 Tips for Keeping Sane During a Kitchen Remodel

Getting through any home project can be trying; there’s the mess, the uncertainty, the cost, the work&helip;however a kitchen remodel adds another element of stress to the list: not having a kitchen. So how can you get through not having a sink, stove, and countertops? Here are a few tips for keeping your sanity from an expert contractor who’s been through quite a few kitchen remodels:

Be realistic with your expectations.

Don’t assume that your project is going to be done before your contractor’s estimated end date. Every contractor does their best to finish their project within the estimated time frame, but unexpected delays do come up during the project. Plan to be without a kitchen for the whole amount of time your contractor tells you—or even longer.

Keep your grill handy.

It doesn’t matter if the temperature is zero or 100. During a kitchen remodel, you’ll need your grill while your appliances are out of commission. Position it in a safe spot, and be ready to use it—for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast. In addition to your grill, set up a temporary kitchen with only the necessary supplies and dishes you need. Put all your other kitchen appliances and dishes in storage to keep them safe and clean.

Choose a contactor worried about neatness.

Remodels are dusty and messy. Lessen the mess from your kitchen remodel by hiring a contractor that cares about the cleanliness of their job, and your home. Ask your contractor about any steps they take for cleanliness and anything they can do to lessen the toll on your family and pets. In particular, ask about a machine that can improve air quality and lessen the dust from the remodeling work. When cleanliness matters (which is all the time), hire a contractor with a dust machine, attention to detail—and a neatness streak.

Keep your eye on the goal.

The big picture may be hard to remember when you’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel, but you have to keep your eye on the prize: a new, more functional kitchen. All the inconvenience and dust will be done soon—and so will your beautiful, incredible new kitchen.

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