4 Rooms to Update That Add Value to Your Home

4 Rooms to Update That Add Value to Your Home

Are you looking for projects that add value to your home? Do you want to update your home to build equity? Be smart. You can add value to your home, if you allocate your dollars to the right rooms. Updates such as remodeling a bedroom into an office may seem valuable to you, but gives you no return on your investment. Don’t worry, there’s still hope in four different rooms of your home. Rooms that can give you an excellent bang for your buck, and add value to your home:

Kitchen remodel

Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms that sell a home. If you are on a tight budget or have fully functional cabinets, replace the hardware on your cabinets and your countertops to yield a new, updated look that adds value to your home. Have cabinets that won’t close or are poor quality? Consider a full kitchen remodel that is functional and aesthetically appealing. If you are selling your home and want to give yourself an edge, update your appliances to complete the project.

Modernizing your bathroom

Blue toilets and goldenrod tubs don’t sell houses or increase your home value. If your tub is still functional, consider reglazing a tub, which can be cheaper than replacement. The good news is that you often don’t need a large budget to update your bathroom and add value.

Finishing your basement

When the Wisconsin weather gets cold or wet, or cabin fever sets in, everyone starts looking for a getaway. The answer for many Midwestern families is only steps away—the basement. An unfinished basement is a space full of possibilities, and don’t feel you have to choose just one. Consider all your options for that unfinished space, and turn your basement into one, or several, practical and fun spaces that increase your home value.

Adding a deck

We know technically a deck is not a room, but it’s an area of your house that yields great returns on your investment. A well-done deck can bring back 70%+ in value to homeowners, not to mention a great hangout and grilling space. Start your decking project by researching different materials for your decking project.

When you contact a contractor for an estimate for your projects, discuss the purpose for the projects. He may be able to make recommendations for materials that are appealing for resale or add value—and make them happen so you have an updated room that adds dollar signs to your home value.

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