4 Home Improvement Projects to Add to Your Spring To-Do List

4 Home Improvement Projects to Add to Your Spring To-Do List

New deck

Spring is a great time to get all the maintenance done after a hard winter, but it’s also the ideal time to get those projects done that you’ve been dreaming about all winter.

After sitting inside all winter, it’s time to turn your dream of a great grilling space into reality. Contact a contractor to get ideas for your new space now and on their schedule so you can get a new deck as soon as possible. Talk to your contractor about railings that make a statement and withstand our Wisconsin weather.


If you can’t open your windows this spring (or you can feel the spring breeze right through it), get on the schedule of an experienced contractor. You’ll be feeling that spring breeze when you want (when you open it) and your cooling dollars won’t be flying out the window all summer.


April showers bring overrunning gutters—and damage if your gutters have had a rough winter. At the very least, hire a professional to get your gutter cleaned out and inspected. An experienced pro can also tell you if the gutters are in good shape and make any repairs or replacements that can prevent water damage.

Attic insulation

If you’re worried about the insulation in your home (or lack thereof), or you just want to save money, ask a professional to inspect the existing insulation in your home. A contractor cannot only give you their opinion of the energy efficiency but make improvements that can improve the comfort of your home and save money in energy bills in the long run.

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