3 Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

3 Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

You don’t have to look too far into the future to see cold temperatures and snow in our Wisconsin weather forecast. If you’re like most Wisconsin families, you tend to head indoors most days—or at least after a day of fun in the snow. That’s why fall is the perfect time to finish your basement and get it ready for a winter of indoor fun with these fun finishes to your basement—

or to hire a contractor to get your basement finished before the mercury dips below freezing.

Basement bar

If you want to add a bit of the pub to your basement, or want a place to hang out with your friends, consider adding a bar to your basement. When planning your bar layout, look at your basement layout, the amount of people you want hanging out on stools, and what features you want (fridge, keg, etc.) in your bar. For more suggestions, ask an experienced contractor who can help you plan the perfect basement bar.


Wisconsin winter days and nights get cold; adding a fireplace to your basement can be the perfect way to warm up after a day out in the snow or for just hanging out watching a movie or reading a book. For a warm look (and not just a warm glow), add stone or a decorative mantle to finish off the fireplace.

Creative storage & displays

If your basement is a play space for the youngest or “most experienced” in your family, hire a contractor to add creative storage for all the kid’s toys. For a more experienced family member’s prized collection, ask your contractor for suggestions for creative display cabinets or shelving. Either addition to your basement would be the perfect finishing touch for a long winter indoors.

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