What kind of decking material should I use?

What kind of decking material should I use?

Once you’ve got your deck or porch design set in stone, it comes time to move on to the logistics of your outdoor project. One of the most important decisions is what kind of decking material you should use for your outdoor space. Here are the pros and cons of three of the most common decking materials so you can make that important decision for your project.

(Or you can contact a contractor and ask them for a free quote and recommendation.)

Pressure-treated wood

Pros: Lowest priced decking material, long-lasting, can be stained to a variety of colors

Cons: Needs regular maintenance to maintain look and durability, low-quality wood can warp


Pros: rot-resistant, does not absorb water, costs less than composite

Cons: costs more than pressure-treated, needs to be resealed, softness of wood can lead to scratches on deck

Composite decking

Pros: maintenance-free, looks just like wood, variety of design colors and options

Cons: costs the most of any decking material, not as easy as DIY project because it uses different hardware

If you have any questions about decking materials,

contact an experienced contractor that can make recommendations—and make your new deck a reality.

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