Ways to Add Shade to Your Backyard

Ways to Add Shade to Your Backyard

If your backyard can be best described as a “desert”—even in Wisconsin—it’s natural to search for a reprieve from the hot sun. A backyard is a place to enjoy, eat, and entertain (not necessarily in that order), and a hot sun can keep you from doing all of that. Trees are a great solution IF you have the time to wait for them to grow and provide cover. For homeowners who want a more permanent solution, we’ve put together a list of ways to add (quick) shade in your backyard so you can enjoy your outdoor space.


A gazebo is a great addition to any backyard, offering shade and entertainment space (for chairs or a hot tub!). A gazebo is also versatile and can be installed as a stand-alone structure or as part of a deck. When the bugs get bad, nets can be drawn to keep the mosquitos away. A gazebo can also be permanently enclosed with netting and wired with additional lighting and fans so you can enjoy your backyard time.

Porch cover

A porch cover over a deck is a new trend with aesthetic appeal. This structure can be built over a deck or patio, and can even be wired to include a ceiling fan and lighting. Porch covers are an excellent way to cover an entertaining area, such as table and chairs or an outdoor kitchen. Porch covers are usually shingled to match the roof and installed with beadboard or stained boards. To get recommendations for the right porch cover for your space, contact a contractor for ideas and a free quote.


A pergola is a is a great choice for a gardener, adding another area for planting and cultivating. Pergolas may not provide complete shade (depending on the thickness of the vines planted), but they do block a majority of the hot sun rays. This gardening structure also offers another way to add color to the backyard with flowering vines. Pre-cut pergolas can be purchased at a local store, or the project can be done

by a contractor who can custom make a pergola that fits specifically to the backyard.

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