10 Home Remodeling Ideas for Folks with Mobility Issues

10 Home Remodeling Ideas for Folks with Mobility Issues

When remodeling, it’s easy to look at samples and make decisions for countertops, vanities, and items that are perfect for now. At the same time, it’s easy to overlook the items that can be a big help when mobility is an issue.

We’ve remodeled quite a few homes, and one of our number one tips is to make decisions that are helpful for many years. Decide on items that can make the future easier, such as wider doorways or a low curb shower unit that makes entry easier.

If a situation suddenly arises, such as needing a walker or wheelchair, a home can be adapted to the homeowner’s needs. A doorway can be widened with some creative decisions and trim (such as we did recently when we widened doorways to 32”). We have also installed low curb shower units with a very small step that can make access easier. Grab bars can also help with daily activities; a few strategically placed grab bars, such as by the toilet or in the shower, can make the future a bit easier when mobility is an issue. We’ve listed a few other home remodeling ideas that can be invaluable in these situations.

Make sure you hire a contractor who has experience in remodeling homes for folks with mobility issues.

1. Wide doors
2. Low curb shower unit
3. First floor laundry (contact a contractor who can turn a 4. closet or room into a first-floor laundry)
4. Low countertops in the kitchen
5. High vanities with space underneath
6. Grab bars
7. Chair height toilet
8. Smooth floors
9. Ramps
10. Hand-held shower nozzle

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