Update your Kitchen on a Budget

Update your Kitchen on a Budget

Think that you can’t update your kitchen without blowing the budget? Do you believe that your kitchen remodeling budget needs to be huge to update the look and functionality of your kitchen? Not true. We’re here to tell you that you can update your kitchen on a budget and get a more modern looking space with a reasonable kitchen remodeling budget. This is especially true if your kitchen has a good lay out, and well-built cabinets in good working shape. With those two basic parts of your kitchen set, your kitchen can receive that updated look by changing a few key parts of your kitchen without breaking the budget:

Countertops. If you want the look of stone or a higher end countertop surface, consider a high definition laminate which has the updated look you want with the all the durability of a laminate surface. Laminate countertops are notorious for their long life and as a non-porous surface. For other options, read our posts about the pros and cons of common countertop surfaces, part 1 and part 2. No matter what you choose, countertops are the “icing on the cake” when remodeling your kitchen.

Undermount sink. Tired of that old nasty looking sink? As long you are installing new countertops, make a small investment in an undermount sink. It’ll give your kitchen that updated look without breaking the kitchen remodeling budget.

Refacing your cabinets. If your cabinets are in good shape, but are starting to show their age, research refacing and even staining or painting them. This update gives your kitchen an entirely new look, and is easy on your kitchen remodeling budget.

New floor. If you’re flooring doesn’t get entirely clean any more, or is showing signs of wear and tear, include a new floor on your kitchen remodeling list. If you have a wood floor in good shape but a worn finish, research refinishing your floor. Refinishing your floor is inexpensive and beautiful, and can update the look of your kitchen. Otherwise, locate a budget-friendly and functional floor that fits your kitchen remodeling budget and space.
Contact a contractor for a free quote and suggestions when researching updates for your kitchen. An experienced contractor can make recommendations for updates that fit within your kitchen remodeling budget, and give you ideas from what he has seen other southeastern homeowners update in their kitchens. He can also make your kitchen update a reality, giving you a beautiful and functional kitchen that won’t blow the kitchen remodeling budget.

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