5 Parts of Your Home Exterior You Can’t Afford NOT to Inspect This Spring

5 Parts of Your Home Exterior You Can’t Afford NOT to Inspect This Spring

It’s (finally) spring, Wisconsin! With warmer temperatures comes time outdoors, flowers blooming and&helip;home projects. Believe it or not, winter is not just hard on our minds (at least the end!), it’s also hard on our Wisconsin homes. While we bundle up inside all winter, the cold winds, snow and ice have wreaked havoc on the outside of our home, making an exterior home inspection a MUST.

Why? Taking the time for an exterior home inspection saves you time and money in the long run, as well as preventing any accidents that arise from materials damaged by our Wisconsin weather. You know what we’re talking about: a broken board on your deck that gives during a cookout, causing an injury to your guest. A sagging porch that allows water to seep through your foundation. The inspection shouldn’t take long, but needs to include these parts of your home:


Inspect the supports under your porch and any boards that support your porch roof. Look for signs of rot and splintering which compromise the strength of your porch. If you have stairs leading up to your porch, inspect the wood on the stairs and the footings underneath. If you find any cracking or decay in the wood or any uneven sinking by the footings, contact a contractor to evaluate the problem and give you a quote for repair or replacement. Doing a routine exterior home inspection of your porch prevents accidents from broken boards and wear and tear on your house frame.


Feel for drafts, and inspect around your windows for cracks. Look for discoloration on the window, which may mean the seal between the panes is broken. If you do find any of these common signs, contact a contractor to find out if your windows need to be replaced with new, more efficient windows.


A door inspection is similar to your windows. Check for cracks around the door frame, and feel for drafts. Often caulk can be applied to fill in the cracks, but at some point all exterior doors need to be replaced to maintain the efficiency and security of your home.


During your exterior home inspection, check your roof for curling, damaged or disintegrated shingles. You may also notice pieces of your shingles in your gutter, or find shingles in your yard. If you suspect your roof is damaged, don’t wait another winter before you contact a contractor.

Why should you check your deck during your exterior home inspection? Damaged boards or improper supports can lead to accidents, splinters and damage to your house. Check the supports under your deck for splintering and cracking, and the footings for evenness and sinking. Your deck should be a level surface, so beware of an uneven deck. If you have stairs connected to the deck, don’t forget to check for damage during your exterior home inspection.

Don’t forget to check your gutters to see if they are clogged or are pulling away from your house, and your downspouts for damage or clogs. Proper drainage is essential to preventing water damage during our summer storms. If you have any doubts about potential problems you find during your exterior home inspection, contact a contractor for a free quote. An exterior home inspection now saves you money, time and pain later.

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