Top Tips on Planning an Affordable Kitchen Remodel

affordable kitchen remodel

According to the 2019 Houzz and Home report on renovation trends, kitchens are the number one most renovated room.

Kitchens need to function and look good. A kitchen that’s worse-for-wear can quickly become an unpleasant eyesore, putting a damper on the aesthetic of the whole house.

But, there’s just one problem. Kitchen remodels are the most expensive of all home improvement projects, with the average cost being $21 660. And this figure can easily climb to $30 000+ if one isn’t careful.

Fortunately, there are ways to achieve an affordable kitchen remodel.

If this sounds almost too good to be true, read on. Because we are about to share with you the top ways that you can be smart about your kitchen remodel costs.

Plan Everything

When you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, it can be tricky to know where to start.

The first key step, that will help you to reduce unnecessary costs, is to plan everything. The planning stage should take you longer than the construction period.  Some sources advise that you should spend up to 6 months planning out the details of your remodel, from the larger elements right down to finishings and trim. 

You can also consider hiring a professional designer to help you. If you are undertaking a large-scale kitchen remodel, then this could save you money down the line. 

Get in All the Materials Before the Job Begins

The next step is to make sure that you get in all of the materials required for the job before the contractor begins working. 

This can save a lot of expense. Unnecessary trips to the hardware store will create hold-ups, which ultimately results in higher net costs.

Also, picking out products and materials mid-project is a recipe for trouble, delays and hidden costs. For example, if the tiles that you want are on backorder, then you will either have to choose a different option, which could very well be more expensive—or stall the entire project until the tiles of your choice arrive. 

Don’t Move the Sink

One surefire way to keep costs down during a remodel is to not move the sink.

While it might be tempting to rearrange the layout of the kitchen, in practice this involves moving the water outlets and rerouting water and drainage pipes within the walls. The same applies to gas outlets for the range. 

If you need to move any of these things too far from their original positions, you could be faced with a much higher project cost than you expected. 

Be Appliance Smart

Wanna achieve a lux look for less? Then get appliance smart. 

One of the best ways to nail a high-end look in your kitchen is to purchase all of your appliances in the same brand. Mixing and matching appliances, while okay, will not give the impression of a custom kitchen. Matched appliances, however, do create that impression, leaving one with the feeling that the kitchen was designed on a high budget.

Don’t Skimp on the Fittings

Okay, you on a budget, and you don’t want to splurge.

But there is an area where splurging will bring you value. And that is on the fittings. 

Fittings are a relatively small remodel expense when compared with the other areas of the project costs. However, fittings have a huge visual impact on the completed remodel. If you go a little high end on them—this will again create the impression that the remodel was done to top standards.

Splash out on Lighting

Lighting is another area where it pays to splash out a little. Nothing will display you completed kitchen to its best like really great lighting.

Lighting usually accounts for about 5% of remodeling costs. If you push this to 6%, you will be spending a very small amount more for a big impact!

So, be sure to lay out a little cash on really nice overhead lighting, as well as under-cabinet LED lighting strips, and possibly some pendant lamps if you have an island or bar counter. 

Get a Great Faucet and Sink

Another area where you should aim to only get the best is the faucet and sink. 

Hold up, I thought this was a post on how to save money, not all the things to splurge on!

Let us explain. The sink, and particularly the faucet, often end up as focal points in the kitchen, even if they are not meant to be. For some reason, the eye is drawn to the sink area, and especially to the faucet as it sticks above the counter.

So, if you want to achieve a polished look for less, skip things like very expensive tiles, and rather shell out a few dollars for a state-of-the-art faucet and an attractive sink. 

A Paint Job Can Modernize Outdated Cabinetry

One of the big ways to make a kitchen look new but keep costs low is to spruce up outdated cabinetry with a coat of paint.

If you hate your old cabinet doors, this may sound like it is not a drastic enough change, but trust us. A coat of paint can bring in a whole new fresh look, for a fraction of the cost of replacing cabinetry.

Swapping out Cabinet Doors Is Another Low-Cost Way to Update Your Kitchen’s Look

If your cabinet doors are too bad to paint over, then consider simply replacing the doors, rather than ripping out the cabinets. 

Having new cabinets built can really up the cost of your project, so if the insides of existing cabinets are good—capitalize on that. 

Look for Remnant Stone for Your Counters

Do you want marble or granite counters, but quake at the cost? If so, go and check out your local stone yard to see if they have any remnant pieces available. 

If you have a relatively small area to cover with stone counter, you may be in luck and pick up a straight-up bargain.

Meal Prep and Stock up on Microwavable Dishes

And the last hot tip is, if you’re living in your house while the remodel is happening, to be sure to meal prep some re-heatable meals for yourself.

Trying to cook in a dusty, torn-apart kitchen is no fun and a recipe for mid-remodel-madness. The alternative is spending hundreds of dollars on eating out. So instead, precook things like soups and stews, and buy in some frozen microwavable meals. 

Now You Know How to Plan an Affordable Kitchen Remodel!

Remodeling a kitchen is no cheap task, but it is worth it. Now you know about some of the cleverest ways you can cut down on costs, while still getting the kitchen of your dreams. 

So what are you waiting for? Start planning that affordable kitchen remodel!

If you are in the Fond Du Lac area in Wisconsin, then be sure to contact us for a free evaluation of your project.

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